Past Life Friendships

I’ve never been a believer in past lives — or future lives for that matter.  Still,  last night in the company of my closest friends I asked myself if there’s a reason why we’re so close and share so much love.  It seems to make our relationships seem so much more significant if we attach the idea that we knew each other before we were born.  I’m sure you’ve had that feeling when you meet a complete stranger that you already know each other somehow.  Maybe even love at first sight could fall into the category of knowing each other in a past life.  Who knows if we were even human in our past lives?  According to some lines of thought, we may have been incarnated into “lesser” beings like butterflies for all we know.  Does it really matter?  Maybe believing in past lives or soul mates gives us a sense that not everything in life is so random, and that maybe there’s more reason behind it.

In my life alone I’ve gone through so many changes that I wouldn’t even recognize myself going back a few years.  I think that’s why I’ve seen so many friendships fade and new ones grow, and some stay strong.  Who you are and what you value right now may not be the same person several years in the future.  I think art represents this fluidity of life well.  I can tell that my songwriting is changing and growing as I experience more of the world on a daily basis.  What I write now is not what I wrote two years ago and I think that is what makes life so beautiful and interesting.  You really don’t know who you’ll become, but I know that I’ve never felt more personally at home in myself  since I directed more of my energy into my passions in life and filled as much of my days with love as possible.  So maybe getting the feeling that you’ve known someone or there’s a special reason you are so close to your friends in the present is just a reflection of who you are today and not some abstract idea that you were somehow brothers in a past life.  Although I must admit there are some relationships I have had for years and I know will continue for the rest of my life.  Even though we’ve grown and changed, we’ve gone through these changes together and somehow there has always been a thread tying us together even when it seems it’s getting further apart.

So whether you were a blacksmith in the Middle Ages or a painter in the Renaissance, all that really matters is how you live your life now and how much you value your relationships.  It’s up to you alone to live through your heart and be courageous enough to be who you want.  You and your friends and family are what hold you up, strong as pyramids to face the unknown with joy and excitement.


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