“The Ultimate Prize”

I wonder if it’s in our nature to think there is always an ever-present finish line we can get to where we finally feel complete and whole. We idealize celebrities because we think they’ve reached it. Celebrities have become modern day idols for our society, but I like this video because Spacey is real. He tells it how it is even while the questioners eyes are glowing with adoration (and perhaps even a sense of envy). We’ll only feel whole when we find sanctuary within ourselves, rather than looking for fulfillment and recognition from the outside. Maybe then we’d be more compassionate and less self-absorbed and worried about our material lives. Social media is taking us to a place instead where we search for more “likes”, views, visitors, listens thinking that this is an accurate representation of our worth. No. It isn’t how popular you are, it’s how you feel about yourself in each passing moment.

When we pass, what do we leave behind? More than ever we need to feel less fear and live in the light. Add hope to someone’s day and you will find hope in yours. Maybe that’s the ultimate prize .